Okay home, great location

We stayed at this home for 6 nights in November. We loved the Hanalei area and the home was very close to the beach, which was so convenient. The home could use some upgrading though, and for that reason we would not stay here in the future. Some things that could use an update are the coffee maker (need larger size), the kitchen really needs a dishwasher (with new people staying each week, it would be nice to properly sanitize the dishes), and an A/C (we were sweating all day and night, and we visited during a cooler season, I couldn’t imagine if we would have gone during summer!). I know everyone says Hawaii has such perfect weather that no one in their right mind needs A/C, we that simply isn’t true. It would not cost much for the owner to put in an A/C system for the comfort of the guests. Good things though were location on the island, close to the beach, outdoor shower was a nice feature. 01/23/2015 at 1:40 PM