Activities & Attractions

Start planning your next getaway to the beautiful north shore of Kauai with our Local Area Guide. We’re sharing our favorite things things to eat, drink and do in Hanalei Bay and Princeville. Find out what we love about the north shore!

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The tropical beauty of Hanalei provides the perfect backdrop for exploring and adventure, both on The North Shore and the rest of the island. Discover some of what we love so much about Kauai and the especially the North Shore. Here are some of my suggestions and links to other business websites.

The Beach

Our beach houses put you right in the heart of Hanalei Bay. The 2-mile-stretch of stunning beachfront features a sandy bottom and tropical reefs at both ends.

Rentals & Lessons

Always wanted to try surfing, kayaking or SUP? Now is the time. We have great instructors and rental shops right in Hanalei. Here are some tried and true companies.


There are some really cool ones. On the Road to Hanalei has all kinds of cool things from everywhere. I`ve gotten gifts & clothes here including my last birthday gift to me which was native basketry from some place in the Amazon. The clothing store in the Dolphin building has desirable island fashions (for everyone) as does the Back Door (younger set) and the Hanalei Surf Company.


From corner markets with cheap beer and snacks to higher-end health foods stores, you`ll find everything you need to stock your vacation rental kitchen.


Explore the churches on our island. Many ways to celebrate faith and love.

Hanalei Resources

We have links to festival information, Kauai information, baby sitting, equipment rentals for both health aids and children, and our local paper.


Experience great restaurants while visiting Hanalei; from fresh island seafood to pizza and Mexican, there is something for everyone`s palate. Enjoy fabulous views of the ocean and the mountains while dining at many of the local area restaurants. Check out our restaurant guide for our favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots.