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Thanks for asking!

Having been in business many years we have had many of the same questions asked by guests. This list of frequently asked questions is roughly alphabetical by subject, the most common ones first, then the more seldom asked, are toward the bottom under Z.

In the state of Hawaii we are required to have a Rental Agreement with our guests for each and every rental. Click here if you would like to see a preview.

The following website has daily updates on ocean currents and swells rating the safety of the conditions of the various beaches much like ski slopes are rated for difficulty level. Rains bring brown water washing from the land to the ocean. Bacteria levels fluctuate after rains. This web site also monitors alerts.
Hawaiʻi Beach Safety

We do have some beach toys at most of the houses. There are for sure beach towels, a cooler & beach chairs. There are usually some little kid sand toys (for whatever age kid you are) and there might be a boogie board or two. Aside from the standard beach chairs, towels and cooler, the rest of beach gear left by prior guests is ever changing and frankly, snorkel gear is so cheap to rent or even buy that it's best to get sized versus chancing it and hope it'll fit. Nothing worse than trying to snorkel with ill-fitting mask!! It leaks and you can’t relax!! Umbrellas have a short life so if you want one, best to buy one when you come. You can usually rent the latest masks & fins, boards and bikes in Hanalei Town. You can check online to reserve with Hanalei Surf Company, Peddle and Paddle, Kayak Kauai, Bicycle John’s. For fishing supplies check out Village Variety.

You can either make a booking directly on this website by using the "check availability box" to the left. Or you can call our office at 808.828.1918 and we will be glad to help you.

If you cancel with more than 60 days' notice, the cancellation fee is $100 plus 3.5% of your payments charged, or 10% of your total booking cost, whichever is higher. If you cancel with less than 60 days' notice, your money will not be returned unless we can book the same dates. HomeAway and VRBO bookings see below.

  • If you cancel within 60 days of your arrival & we are able to re-book the same dates, we will return your money less the cancelation fee. We always try to re-book but the less notice, the smaller the chances. Whatever part of your time we re-book, we will credit to you. What we cannot re-book you will be debited up to the amount of your total money received plus the cancellation fee.
  • Our goal is that the owners do not lose rent after taking their property off the market while giving you every opportunity to recoup your loss if we are able to re-book the time. Additionally, you may purchase rental insurance, which is strongly recommended. We do not refund any money for any vacation time missed because of weather related incidents such as but not limited to road closures due to flooding or blockage, yourself or someone else in your party not wanting to travel during covid.
  • There are no refunds for cancellation made between Dec 16 and Jan 15. We suggest you get travel insurance if there is any doubt, or you think it prudent.
  • We recommend travel insurance ​for all of our bookings. You are spending a great deal of money and would like to be able to get the money back if you have an emergency or become ill. The owners on the other hand, have a finite number of days a month to rent. When they take them off the market to hold them for a guest and then have the rental cancelled without enough time to rebook it, it is an irretrievable loss, hence we have a strict cancelation policy. So many things can come up unexpectedly in life. See why and what is covered by purchasing Travel Insurance.

Check out is at 10:00 AM. If you want to guarantee your use of the house for that last day, leaving after 11 AM for example, to enjoy the last day at the beach and shower before a later flight, you would pay for another day so you have all day. If it is not critical to you & you want to play it by chance, you can check with us at 808 828-1918 two or three days before your departure, (because we have last minute bookings), and we will check with the cleaners to see if they can adjust their schedules. You may or may not be able to stay late. If we can arrange it with the cleaner, there is a $75 fee plus tax in added rent for the day use. We know you can appreciate that we try to keep things running smoothly to accommodate all our guests while taking care of the owners and our housekeepers as well. Early check-in would be handled the same.

Babylicious | (808) 652-4273
Our guests have told us this is a great company to work with and they are based in Hanalei.
Visit Website

Baby Gear Rentals, Kauai, HI | Kauai Baby Rentals | (808) 651-9269
Kauai Baby Rentals has been providing superior rental services for premium-quality baby equipment since 2008. All our baby gear are cleaned, sanitized, and safety checked before delivering to our clients in Kauai, HI. If you are interested in learning more about our products, contact us today. | (808) 651-9269

Baby sitting companies. We have not used these personally so please let us know how they were for you. They have websites and Yelp or similar ratings. Also you can Yelp "babysitting Kauai" for more companies. These three are on the North Shore or Kapaa.

Kauai Baby Sitting Company
Visit Website

Happy Kidds of Kauai
Visit Website

Princeville Chaperones
Visit Website

Nana's Babysitting Service
Visit Website

Our policy is to keep our prices as low as possible to begin with, so people will know they are getting a great deal by comparison if they have looked around on the internet. You probably picked us out because we were the best price for the location and amenities. If we were the first ones you contacted because of a referral or a lucky pick off a photo, then you are in for a treat because we make sure we are priced better than anything comparable. So no, we do not usually give a discount.

To see where the house is in relation to the beach, town, & the rest of the island, we have some google photos that have been labeled as well as maps. Be sure to scroll all the way down. Go to Area Map

We don't publish the addresses for privacy.

Health aids such oxygen, and wheel chairs can be rented from Gammie Homecare here on Kauai. They deliver them before you come and take them away after.
Visit Website | 808-632-2333

We have two kinds.

  • We now apply a damage waiver for $48, in lieu of a security deposit. The waiver covers accidental breakage or loss. You lean a chair on its back legs and it breaks, the beach chairs and towels get left at the beach, the kids break the screen door... It does not cover leaving a mess necessitating extra cleaning. That will be charged to your credit card or taken from your security deposit if you chose that option.
  • If you do not want to purchase the waiver, you may opt for a $1000 security deposit Instead.
  • We also offer travel insurance that can insure the cost of your booking plus cover you for unforeseen health emergencies amongst you and your loved ones and weather related emergencies. We strongly suggest you get this protection as we do not refund for weather related events and road closures. you can check the policy here:

Security deposits are usually in the mail by the 5th of the following month after you check out when you pay by check. If you have paid with a credit card, the deposit will be credited to your credit card within the same time frame.

Most vacation rentals do not allow weddings or events. We sometimes do depending on the house or houses that you book and the size of your event. We have an Event Agreement and an associated fee which is required for any event.

Though none of our houses are A.D.A. compliant, we do have a couple of houses that have very few or no real steps into the unit so that might help those sore hips and knees and make rolling along easier. Ask us about these.

People occasionally ask us about air conditioning if they have never been here before. Having lived on island over 30 years, I will say that it is not normally necessary. We seldom exceed the high 80s and have trade winds about 75 percent of the time. We have ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms and living rooms and this seems to suffice. Most of the houses also have one or two fans that you can aim right at you if your internal combustion engine is in high drive like mine was for a number of years. People only started putting in air conditioning in houses within the last 6 years or so and as such, most vacation rentals do not have AC. The air is so soft and nice here it seems a shame to isolate yourself from it. If you are really concerned about having AC though, you may be more comfortable in one of the hotels. *** However, if you really want AC, The Hanalei & The Wai'oli now have air coinditioning in all the bedrooms. Aunty Lydia's Ohana has AC in one bedroom..

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you place an order. We offer the use of a secure server. All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our payment gateway providers database. It will only be accessible by those authorized with special rights to such systems. They are required to keep the information confidential. After a transaction, your private information (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, etc.) will not be stored on our servers.

We make a definite effort not to have bugs in our beach houses. We have the grounds treated 4 times a year and we use roach traps in the houses. We do this while trying to balance staying away from chemicals as much as possible. We have screens on all the windows and front doors. Generally, we do not have a bug problem. That being said, Kauai is a wonderful environment for growing. It keeps us healthy and the bug population is also healthy. Every now and again, there will be more bugs around. If you do not leave food out (ants) & keep the screen doors shut (fliers) all the time and always at night, you should have no problems.

Since Expedia bought HomeAway and VRBO, we are now required to allow on line booking on their sites to continue to have our properties listed with them. Guests using these sites are then charged an additional 3 to 5 % on top of our price. The rental agreement and cancelation policy are different for bookings made on sites other than this one. The HomeAway rental agreement is here HomeAway Rental Agreement. There are no refunds for cancellations for bookings made on any sites other than this one.

We have been with VRBO since 1998. VRBO started as an on line directory of all different owner's properties, sorted by location, the owners paying a yearly fee to be on the site and guests having easy contact directly to each owner. Our family, who has been renting vacation rentals since the 60s, and my company have worked together to handle our rentals directly with aloha and you have always been able to book through us directly while our guests paid with checks. We started offering online booking 4 years ago on this web site, & taking credit cards at the urging of our returning guests. In the meantime, VRBO was purchased by HomeAway and now both have been purchased by Expedia. I have heard some of our returning guests still navigate to our site from VRBO or HomeAway since it is easy for them to remember. We recommend returning guests bookmark this web site so it is easy to find us again in the future. You will save money and have a cancellation policy.

If you are renting more than one house, you will complete a rental agreements for each house. It is a wonderful thing to arrange a family reunion but a fair bit of work for you too. We would like to make this as easy for you and us as possible. There are several ways to handle the money & contracts so decide which way will work best for you and let us know.

If you are handling all the money for all the houses, bless you - it is the easiest for us, you can fill in all the rental agreements. We will be in contact only with you.

If you have different family members who will be responsible for the houses & making the payments and you know who these people will be at this point, please have them book on line or contact us. We will then work directly with those other parties for rental agreements, payments & put the reservation in their name(s). We can only have one person per house to collect money from & be responsible.

We realize you may not know who exactly will be staying in each house yet. That is fine. We will just need the names of each guest any time prior to a month before your arrival.

If you are making all the bookings and paying the first payment, just to get these houses reserved and get this going and will later be sorting out who will be on each of the house contracts, go ahead and book on line or contact us. We can change the name on the reservation, reissue the rental agreement under the new name & email the appropriate party as soon as you know who that person will be & we get their email address. Then they will make the final payment. We would appreciate any changes to the person responsible to be made as soon as possible (within a couple weeks of booking) but certainly before the final payment is due.

Any questions just call or email us. It is a great thing you are doing for your family & friends. You will enjoy it.

If you find that we are unable to accommodate a late stay for you, (past the 10am check-out time), we are very sorry. We do try very hard to accommodate when we can. IF we cannot, the reason is usually as simple as another booking is coming on your heels and the cleaners need the full 5 hours before their arrival to clean and get it ready for our next guests. IF you have a late flight out, we want to let you know that there is a Plan B. There is a nice beach park only about 10 – 15 minutes from the airport, (about 45 minutes from Hanalei and it is called Lydgate Park. It has a very large pavilion area, outdoor showers (cold), and an inside changing room, (possibly no door though). There are ponds formed by huge rocks that are usually safe for children & others. There are also two very fun and large playground areas with mega play structures. If you don’t have kids it is still a great picnic spot with tables in the shade overlooking the water. The private spots are strung out to the South of the ponds up on sand dunes. Get your picnic at Safeway or a restaurant in Kapa’a because there is nothing else close for food. We know it’s not Plan A, (being able to stay late at the rental), but at least it is something to know about, if you would like to spend your last day at a beach where you can shower off and even change for the plane. Cars are fairly safe there as well, because it is a family friendly park and people are everywhere. I would not leave your car unlocked with luggage in it, but I would also not worry too much if I was not keeping my eye on it constantly, like one may feel inclined to do at a more secluded beach area.

You are welcome to send stuff to Suzanne’s house and pick it up on your way there. If not on the way there you can come over the next day. It is about 20 minutes from Hanalei and on the way from the airport to Hanalei. You can't send stuff to the vacation house because you never know about the guest who is staying there on the receiving end. Will they be home? Where will your items stay? Will they mind receiving and storing them? Call or email for her address.

You can UPS, Fed Ex or next day mail through the US post office.

Due to quarantine, pets do not come to Hawaii on vacation. For island folks, we have decided to go with a no pet policy for guests with allergies. We do not allow pets on the grounds either due to fleas etc. We love them, but they need to stay at home.