Hanalei is the best

Wow did we enjoy our stay in Hanalei and the island of Kauai. Our accommodation were wonderful, large and spacious for two couples. The patio was a great place to hang when it rained. It does rain in Hanalei. I guess you should expect that since it is so close to the rainiest spot on earth. Don’t worry travel a couple miles and the weather is sunny. The sun can be as close as the beach which is just a short walk away…..really! That was nice. Wai’Oli’ is a duplex not a big problem but if you rent the unit on the right your bedroom window is just a few feet from the neighbor’s patio. They use their patio nightly and even normal conversation sounds very loud. Be advised they are talking with friends late into the night and that is most nights. I think they are the most popular people in Hanalei. My advice ask for the left unit or make friends with the neighbors as soon as you arrive. That way you can spend your evenings at their house drinking and enjoying the conversation. 10/28/2013 at 11:07 PM