Great location. Very hot house.

We had a great time in Hanalei. The house is very big and has everything we needed. It was nice having 3 bedrooms and an outdoor shower. The best part is the 1 block walk to the beach. We happily walked to town, the pier, everywhere in town. I wanted to live in Hanalei and got the chance. Unfortunately for us the house gets 0 air flow so we were hot at night, and very hot from 2-5 pm daily. We had to leave the house. One room has an air conditioner. In the room there’s a note that says don’t try to cool the whole house with this air conditioner because that’s ridiculous and when it’s hot take a shower or jump in the ocean. There are 8 floor fans that move the hot air. Many houses aren’t airconditioned but they have air flow. This house doesn’t. I think people should know this because an elderly person would be miserable. My kids were miserable at times. If the owners fixed this problem I’m sure people would pay more to be comfortable. 06/06/2019 at 11:52 PM