Clean, modest, great location

We’ve stayed in Hanalei many many times over the years; this house was the furthest from town but we didn’t mind. It was a bit expensive for what it was, but for a few nights it was fine for family of four, esp as the bedroom, living room and bathroom are all spacious. Being able to walk across the grass to that majestic beach is glorious; if you’ve never been to Hanalei, you should go–it’s nirvana (so long as you aren’t a big resort person: one of draws for those of us who aren’t is that there are zero resorts, hotels, or chain stores other than Big Save and some surf shops. If you *are* a resort person/corporate type, go to Poipu, which is 100% manicured and resortified). Sunday seems to be the best day to arrive and leave town (for any reason), and as a result people staying anywhere east/south of the Princeville shopping center seem to choose that day to visit Hanalei. Anyway, Old Style worked just fine for us. Everyone loved the beach, local restaurants, outdoor shower, and super friendly people working in Hanalei (shout out to the sweethearts at Hanalei Bread Co, and the excellent coffee and fresh food there). If I could’ve stayed a month, I would have. <3