beautiful scenery, but too hot to enjoy without AC

This area was too hot and humid to be without AC. There are ceiling fans inside but that did little to bring relief for this upstairs condo. There was no ceiling fan on the porch, so even being outside was pretty stifling. I did not expect that in October, and there were no trade winds at all. We had paid for 7 days, but took the loss and left after 3 nights, and booked a nearby hotel with AC for the remainder of our trip. If it had have been a cooler time of year (Jan?) perhaps this would not have been an issue. The neighborhood is pretty run down, and can be noisy. We were lucky with our downstairs neighbors who were quiet folks, but we could easily hear conversations from there downstairs porch when we were in our living room. If you happened to get folks either downstairs or in the nearby rentals that like to party (and you do not), it could be pretty miserable. You cannot beat the view and I enjoyed walking on the beach that was not crowded at all near the north end. Swimming was doable at the south end near the pier. Kitchen was very small with no ice maker or dishwasher, and older electric range. Safe was only usable for a fee that was a new on o me), so I never tried it. The listing description does not say there is an AC, but as far as I know, it does not say there is no AC. the humidity and lack of trade winds make that a big deal. 10/17/2019 at 5:47 AM