Before booking this reservation; I sent a message, inquiring about a multi day discount. I was told “The 7 day discount will be reflected in the booking total” However, the discount was never applied. After booking the reservation; I was asked to sign a rental agreement (which I was told that the agreement is “required by the state of Hawaii” I have used Expedia to rent multiple units in Kauai and do not recall this being the case. AirBnB’s policy is, if the ‘add’ does not mention a rental agreement, you can cancel the reservations w/o any charges (I wasn’t willing to take the chance) Within the rental agreement that you are signing, you have to agree that you are going to follow all rules in a book that is in the unit (which they do not have an electronic copy of; to preview before signing) These things made for unnecessary worries during my vacation. After Checking in; I listed many discrepancies with the unit (which I communicated both through voicemail/voice/text): 1 – missing smoke detector 2 – handles to open 4 of the louvered windows were broken 3 – light in the dinning room would not turn on 4 – fan in the master bedroom would not turn on 5 – TV remote was not working 6 – the HDMI ports on the living room TV were problematic 7 – one of the lights in the kitchen would not turn on 8 – the toilet paper handle in the bathroom was loose (may not be long before it falls off the wall) 9 – Shower Towel Bars in both bathrooms were loose I was asked if they could address these issues even if we were not present (which I agreed to in text). I never heard anything from the owner after that.